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Noah McLaren

UX Writer 

I'm a junior UX writer and a seasoned creative professional. I'll join your team as a user advocate who creates clarity and consistency with words to enhance the impact of each project I work on.


Certified UX Writer

In September 2021 I completed my work at the UX Writers Collective. I learned about UX writing from practitioners at Google, Intuit, Amazon and more.

I studied best practices and learned to use Figma. I critiqued an app designed by one of my favorite local restaurants. For the final project, I created a style guide for a fictional app and rewrote its entire UI text accordingly.

In 2022 I've put my skills to test, becoming the only UX writer in a growing org. I'm ready to make an impact on your team as well. Get in touch with me today.


"You added much-needed, helpful information to complex situations."
"Great rewrite... It's very clear what action the user is taking, and what will happen next."
"He’s got all the soft skills needed for this road: clear comms, excellent empathy, and more patience than most."


Contract UX Writer at Aura
January 2022 - now


  • I'm the sole UX writer in a growing startup, defining voice and tone for a suite of digital safety products for iOS and web

  • Worked remotely with 9 Product designers, 6 Product managers, 2 UX researchers, Product Marketing, and Legal to create new products and grow subscribers


  • Wrote copy for new and existing flows while the product team kept pace with Apple, Google, and Microsoft security releases

  • Unified alert copy to make the user journey internally consistent from push notifications to web view, bringing a clear, human voice that instructs and directs even in crisis

  • Created and updated style rules while building in an Agile environment

Director of Worship & Ministries
2nd Christian Reformed Church, Grand Haven |  March 2020 - November 2021


  • Lead writer and musician designing liturgical worship that is smoothly run, hospitable and compelling

  • Organized and led groups of volunteers

  • Oversaw production of print and digital resources

  • Wrote prayers, book studies, sermons and more


  • Adapted to changing needs and restrictions throughout the pandemic, creating the best possible experience for viewers/attendees

  • Incorporated feedback from viewers and team members

  • Strengthened organizational structure by leading communication between teams

  • Used microcopy to improve flow of live events and volunteer experience

Pastor of Worship & Discipleship
Graafschap CRC | January 2017 - February 2020

Responsibilities much the same as above.


  • Improved volunteer experience by clarifying roles and responsibilities

  • Created a smoother flow within live events by giving clearer verbal and written instructions

  • Improved copy & microcopy on printed materials to better teach and guide attendees


UX Writers Collective
UX Writing Fundamentals
  • Completed September 2021

  • Learned from professionals at Google, Amazon, Intuit, and more

  • Gained background and skills necessary for UX Writing

Western Theological Seminary
Master of Divinity, 2016
  • Attended from 2013 to 2016

  • GPA of 3.5

  • Provided leadership to daily chapel services:
    recognized for time and care given to student life

  • Learned to state complex ideas in understandable ways

  • Came to view ministry as an exercise in empathy and compassion

Hope College
B.A. English Literature, 2013
  • GPA of 3.5

  • Academic Excellence in English and Religion

  • Provided student leadership to campus worship teams


  • UX writing, editing, Figma, copywriting, storytelling 

  • Data analysis and synthesis, contextualizing information

  • Simplifying complex content

  • Content audits, style guides, voice and tone

  • Content strategy, information architecture

  • A love for both poems and puzzles, and a vision for UX text that's a bit of both

  • Practiced empathy for user needs

  • Team leadership, conflict management, public speaking

  • Fast-learner, adaptable


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