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Noah McLaren

Case study:
UX copy(re)writing

If you can, say less.


My edit

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This web page contains a lot of redundant copy. Context is key! View the whole project in Figma.

Copywriting sample:
Whaling Songs for The Big Read

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 2.06.16 PM.png

While our local chapter of The Big Read prepared to read In the Heart of the Sea, I got to research and learn old songs written by whalers. I worked with a graphic designer to present my "findings" in a songbook.

A niche project like this needed a story-filled introduction. Here, I wanted to teach and entertain–but also to captivate.

Copywriting sample:
Online devotional

I was a worship pastor in the summer of 2020. As a church staff we regularly brainstormed for the best ways to reach our people. Only some of them were very Internet-savvy; most of them missed hearing live music.


For a period of time I wrote and released blog posts like this one, from early June. I paired them with a simple video of myself playing live music, and instructions to read, listen, and pray.

About half of the word count is pictured above. The page is still live, but if you view it be forewarned: you're about to stumble across a video of me with my COVID haircut.

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