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UX Writing Portfolio

Noah McLaren

Rules to write by

Listen first

Write for the user

Keep it human

Serve the team

New products I've impacted

Your unique email address is ready.
Email alias onboarding

I refined copy for this product through 3 major stages and even proposed its name. 


The design was very usable from the start. My great challenge was to show users what an email alias is, and why they should adopt it to begin with.

Systems I've improved

Alert copy matrix

When I started, this alert was titled "Social Security Number found". That's good news, right? Wrong.

Check out the new user journey from an iPhone lock screen to web alerts, which I clarified and organized.

Design tests

"We need a stronger whiff. Make sure your sensor is within 10 feet of the source."
Trace Digital Sensor

This app would identify real fragrances for its users. Before creating copy I mapped my approach with 10 questions like these:

  • What can the sensor detect?

  • Who would use it?

  • When would they use it, and why?

  • What is the voice of this app? Should using this app be a funny experience?

Giving away telephones for free

How would you position the household telephone if you were giving them away in the 1880's?

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