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Case Study:
Product Description

If you can, say less.


My Edit

I edited one other screen on this website. View them both in Figma.

Case Study:
The Fictional "Handshake App"

The final project for UX Writing Fundamentals involves an app called "Handshake". It's a pay app designed to help contractors and business owners interact.

Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 3.07.52 PM.png

In the original assignment we were asked not to change the design too much. Treat it like someone's work! Leave notes for a design review.

Now that the course is over I'm giving the app another overhaul. I'm making instructions even more succinct, adding missing screens, and redesigning screens that most need it.

Business owner landing page

Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 2.58.27 PM.png

Contractor landing page

Contractor Dashboard

Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 3.01.44 PM.png

Contractor Progress screen

Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 3.01.55 PM.png

View the whole project, including a before-and-after, on Figma.

View my completed style guide for Handshake.

Case Study:
Some User Feedback Of My Own

One day I ordered lunch from a local restaurant using an app they’d recently launched. Much of the app was easy to use, even fun, but the end of the flow was a little rough.


My Edit

Briefly, here's my feedback:

  1. Lower priority: The style guide needs some work, particularly on use of punctuation. 

  2. High priority: The confirmation text message needs to be rewritten to include some missing critical information.

You can view my detailed critique on Figma.

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